Passenger Injury Claims London – Kingston, Richmond, Wimbledon

Passenger Injury Claims London – Kingston, Richmond, Wimbledon

We all depend on someone else at some point in time to take us from one place to another. Whether it be your daily commute to work, or a weekend trip to visit friends or family or even a longer extended trip to go on holiday for a week or more – at some point in time we are all “Passengers”.

Public Transport Passenger Injury

Many of us take public transport – train, tube, coach, bus. Again, there are risks when entering a moving vehicle – but the drivers do have a responsibility to ensure that you are not unnecessarily harmed during your journey. Remember – CCTV is fitted on most public transport these days – and certainly on buses ! If you feel that your bus driver has driven carelessly or recklessly and as a result you have fallen and injured yourself, we can always request a copy of the CCTV and bring your claim.

Going on holiday is something we look forward to for most of the year. That trip abroad when we can relax and unwind and leave our troubles behind ! But if you have been injured on the aeroplane (probably whilst opening the overhead locker and items falling on you – or maybe because the air hostess has driven the food and drinks trolley into your leg) you can claim. Your holiday should not start or end with pain, discomfort and the inconvenience that follows.

Motorbike Passenger Injury

Getting on a motorbike carries risks, but as a pillion passenger you are 100% entitled to compensation if your driver or the other vehicle are at fault for an accident that occurs. As a motorcyclist you are not secured in a metal box as a car passenger may be. You are particularly vulnerable and if you are involved in an accident the injuries are likely to be serious. Here at Kingston Personal Injury Claims we are dedicated to your claim. We will ensure that you get 100% of the compensation you deserve together with immediate access to any treatment or rehabilitation needs you have. If you require treatment, surgery – or just routine scans – we can arrange this. Remember, if your claim is accepted you are entitled to an immediate interim payment of £1000.

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